Feb. 11th, 2016

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(criticism in the first paragraph, but bottom line I loved)

Hey, I actually kinda loved the ep!
I mean, I recognized the writers pretty much for sure by the name and the teaser, so my expectations were very low (and they didn't disappoint, with the delightful women killing, totally cool to be schtuping your let's assume of age employee who totally wanted it and apparently had no connections but you , dude berating a woman for not being enough of a feminist)


BUT! I lover the rock-paper-scissors, and Jensen did a very good job on that with the twirl and the curtain thing YAY :DD
the conversation in the end YES YES the honesty and compassion and
- like early seasons they are on the same side and care about each other even if they are moved by uncontrollable forces both epic and emotional.... YESS

and them talking - sort of - about experiences of basically rape they both had yes yes yes yes - this is groundbreaking, this is SPN, and Winchesters! - This is what I keep pining for !!!!1111 yass1

ETA: Also, and this is really a credit for season 11, I want Cas back, where is Cas, stop not letting us know about Cass!

Seriously, has Dean/Jensen been that vulnerable since Carver even became show runner?
And to SAM??
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The Karin's POV - life of enslavement, being forced to kill and kill, and no hunters are gonna save hir. Only those idiots addressing hir by the name of hir species, reciting accusations based on three
minutes with Wiki like they can actually understand


Kinda want Mellssa to find Becky and start a coven or a Bachelor viewing group or just - you know, something involving happies and ice cream and support!
It's a little bit weird for me that they did pretty similar things (though hers was maybe more understandable ) , and the show treated them so so very differently....


IDK, I liked Gladys. I don't know why she was there at all, plot-wise. Maybe she has her own reasons. Maybe not. I'd like to know.


You know I want Wincest - kissing, important talk - there raw material there for some good fics!


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