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[ableism, classicism, academia, mention of sevese sexual assault ] )

It turns out my pretty little accessible(ish) conference - wasn't - and at this point I honesty need a reality check.
I'd appreciate your input, especially if these topics are part of your lives.

Before the lest panel, a women approached one of the organizers and told her she can't understand a thing because of the academic language. The organizer, who happened to be presenting her paper next, told her she'd make an effort to speak more clearly. (seems like shedid)

But then the person closing the conference - for reasons no one seems to understand - went off topic three times to address this (or was it a coincidence....??) - In her discussion of academia being hegemonic and classicist, she stopped three times to say that it's ok if people don't understand what you say in an academic convention because that's the way academia works, to condescendingly explain to the audience how to look things up if they do not understand, and to directly say accessibility is not that important.

The person from the audience approached her, later, and they got into an argument. The other organizer, the one who changed her presentation earlier, tried to mediate, and got.... ironic!organizer to apologize, (so sincerely she spent a lot of the ride home lecturing people about how right she was). The person from the audience told her she didn't owe her to accept her apology, and left, hurt and angry.

And additionally, it turned out

she is living at a temporary hostel for victims of human trafficking/continuous sexual assault/idk, and one of the advisors (?) there did or did not suggest our conference as a nice good experience. (the advisor said she didn't idk0)

For me - the only way that makes sense to deal with this (since I only found out about it too late) - is - find this woman, apologize yes-sincerely and validate that this was not ok - and try to find out whether there is anything we could do to make it less icky

Some suggestions from talking with some of the organizers - we could meet and talk about it; if the topic of the conference interests her, she is welcome to join our research group (that would be such a delight for her with the person who treated her badly there,right); if she's still interested in the papers presented at the conference, some of us could give them again, better, at the hostel or for her and some of her friends (surely her dearest desire is to listen to MORE from us all); she could come give us a lecture ( for whatever woefully low fee we collect between us, or whatever I'll pay her fight me).


talked with some of the organizers - not even Ironic!one, and every one of them's been telling me I'm overreacting, this isn't ableist or classicist and isn't a microaggression, every convention involves someone getting upseet -
and of course - that woman
was ANGRY and RUDE and we can't condone that by apologizing.

I feel so disheartened and confused, like I should be embarrassed for believing this should be fixed and thoroughly, rather than for the things done
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Oh, ugh.... so the topic of my third conference thingy is not my thesis, but another research.
And I invited my advisor because she's awesome an I like her, idk?
But now a friend more versed in the ways of academia says that might be offensive for her, and I am feeling like a cheating cheater who cheats.
ffs, how do people KNOW this stuff? How do I learn this stuff? :(
Am I not SUPPOSED to be doing this stuff? Realquestion....

Also I'm feeling like I have the flu, but that is a different story
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Text: What if, rather than interpreting literature that was written long ago against some imagined concept of what life was like back then, it were possible to
feed a book a drop of blood, and for a moment, the book will be refleshed and speak on its own terms?
Me: Cool! Creepy, but cool!
Text: The only true way to do that is Marxism


Text: I know what you're thinking!
Me: Is it that my tongue hurts from when I bit it?
Text: You think I suggest this method as merely supplementary rather than the absolute horizon of all readings and all interpretations!
Text: RAWR!


Text: You know, like Tiresias!
Me: Who? Am I supposed to know this person?
Text: Tiresias! With the blood drinking !
Wiki: Tiresias was a prophet of Apollo in Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years
Me: Like Dean

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I know the only person who still lives at CanonLand is Jensen, but do you realize that according to canon, Dean may not have had sex in about two years now? Not since the incident with the one nigh stand, iinm. Sure scared him straight nm.

On an unrelated note -
Today I summarized almost 11 articles (almost so). Because I am insane. Or the deadline is, really. Tomorrow I have two more articles, a book, and two chapters from larger works to go through (hopefully the chapters are short and good), then write it all nicely, add citations, send it off, make corrections. Ahhh. Trying not to watch the gag reel till it's over, and hoping not to get spoilers yet :)

Went through yelling at an article "Be more interesting! You can do it! Please?".
One of the people who wrote three of the articles is called Cass. I amuse myself with all the things Cass has to say about the homosexual identity. Hey, huge amount of work, I'll take that little pleasure.
Huh, that was almost 18 hours of work, now.

People I owe answers to - Sorry! I'm getting there!


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