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Lets bring something good into the world. Let's hold hands, if only virtually, and not be alone in this. Let's reaffirm that we care about each other, and we don't stand for bigotry. Let's write (and draw and record and stuff).

Prompts are open for anything - any or no ships, any or no kinks, go for it.

Extra cookies if your prompt negates some bigoted concept, we could give love in places it's particularly lacking right now. We can reaffirm that we all have a place here, that we stand with each other. Women, POC, survivors, immigrants, disabled people, fat people, MOGAI people, poor people, etc - especially anyone that's more than one of those things - deserve some extra love, today and in general.... But prompts don't have to do that - anything comforting is welcome, and different things comfort different people! Fun, fluffy, funny, porny, angry, dark, it's ok!

Breadline by [ profile] toratio, Sam&Dean, money issues
Sam/Dean, body autonomy, lived experience of mi, by anon
It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) by [ profile] toratio Domestic end of the world!
In the Bones by laughablelament, aer leaving the bunker with John's journal, Mary ends up using it as a roadmap

(ETA: !!!! I am so excited and comforted by you being here and caring and by your generousity! Ahh! I has only been a few hours and already we have fills! Thank you!!!! And that you to the people sharing this - you are awesome!!!!)

How this works:
How to prompt: Leave a comment with a prompt, preferably with some basic information in the subject line (ship/gen/character, kink, genre - whatever works for you). You can leave as many prompts as you like.

How to fill: Comment to any prompt you like with fic, art, podfic, playlists, gifsets - any form of fanwork is welcome. Feel free to fill prompts that were already filled. If you feel like leaving anon fills, go for it! If you feel like leaving cute little 'created in ten minutes' fills for fun - those are welcome too!

1) Be kind.
2) No spoilers for unaired episodes without a cut/link, please.
3) Use content warnings generously, please. It only takes a moment, and can make the difference between brightening someone's day and making it horrible. We've got enough horrible.
4) Anything promoting bigotry should not be included. If you're not sure, you're welcome to ask me, we can try to figure it out together. If something bothers you - same thing. Sometimes things can be bigoted without bad intent, we'll try to navigate this with compassion if it happens here now. Most things are ok if you clearly warn for them.

Tell the world!

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Wrote this not-fic yesterday for sad people on Tumblr. It's seriously just fluffy fluff and barely that. Might be comforting, though.

Just letting you know, that the real Sam, Cas, Benny and Dean are now napping in a pile of fluffy pillows, all curled up around each other. They've been watching the show and Cas read about Jared and everything on Tumblr (cause Tumblr is cross-dimensional), and they got worried and sad

So they made a bunch of comfort food and watched My Little Pony and Dean's fingers just touched Sam just to make sure, and Sam's head was in Benny's lap and his fingers digging into Dean's abdomen, and Benny was petting Sam’s hair and Sam was not thinking how comfortable that certain part of Benny was, and how comforting his touch was,

and Cas wrapped himself around Dean, unaware he was holding the place where Dean’s mark wasn’t, holding it almost tight enough for Dean to b uncomfortable, but Dean didn’t complain cause he sorta needed to feel that too.

And Cas was fascinated by the show, “I too used to wonder what friendship could be before I met you, Dean”, and Sam snorted and Benny kissed Cas’ forehead and then the food was ready, so they brought in all in front of the TV and cuddled even closer together.

And Sam was falling asleep, Dean squeezed his arm and said - you know I don’t - I would never - I’m sorry, Sam - and Sam hugged him and told him not to be stupid, that wasn’t at all them! - but something unknotted in his chest, in his throat
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On the December Days challenge, [ profile] glovered wrote: Which of Sam's shirts is your favorite, and why? Option to also list the most horrifying by whatever standard you deem fit. (I JUST LOVE SAMS GREAT/TERRIBLE FASHION SENSE)

I'll admit it, I like Sam's shirts. Been trying to get myself the plaid type ones before the current trend, I like that sort of - I guess masculinity reference. I must admit also, though, that I am really fond of Sam Winchester himself, and had to make an effort to separate his shirts from the cuteness and Sam of the rest of him.

I hadn't noticed The Dog Shirt

till [ profile] kalliel pointed it out - but now I like it! We had some theory going about the shirt surviving for so long because the dog was a real hell-hound and would secretly help save Sam or the boys from monsters, protecting their shirt/home - I don't remember, it was longer.

I'm fond of the v-necks

it was a pity, watching this one go

Sam felt my fanpain too

This is the second Sam shirt I happened to mention here strongly influenced by hell hounds. Perhaps they are the ones doing wardrobe for the show? I mean, who could forget these fashion forward spring cutouts?

Of course, then there is this one...
thank you for this one...

I mean, this one

There was on unexpected excursion into glam rock

a clear Velvet Goldmine reference

Then comes one of my favorite outfits of Sam's

(seriously - it's gorgeous, even just [ profile] badbastion's work with light is just gorgeous - if you haven't, look at it! But not in unfriendly pornless spaces)

Probably my favorite of all of Sam's shirts is his hoodie -it is very Sam, a certain kind of Sam... - probably the one from Jared's audition:

That was one good audition!

There aren't really any I hate...

clearly the crosses are intended to ward off vampires.
+ I want Sam to get dressed in more silly things!
It's not like Jared can't do comedy....


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