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The Karin's POV - life of enslavement, being forced to kill and kill, and no hunters are gonna save hir. Only those idiots addressing hir by the name of hir species, reciting accusations based on three
minutes with Wiki like they can actually understand


Kinda want Mellssa to find Becky and start a coven or a Bachelor viewing group or just - you know, something involving happies and ice cream and support!
It's a little bit weird for me that they did pretty similar things (though hers was maybe more understandable ) , and the show treated them so so very differently....


IDK, I liked Gladys. I don't know why she was there at all, plot-wise. Maybe she has her own reasons. Maybe not. I'd like to know.


You know I want Wincest - kissing, important talk - there raw material there for some good fics!
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Without the ending

Hippie Jared/patriotic Southern boy Jensen

or is that not so much an Au (is this already something someo ne wrote?)

Jared and his cuddly free love friends try to go riding in the park, fall off  the horse, Jensen catches the horse (or Jared, or both)   

Jared introduces Jensen to drugs for the first time

maybe not so much to orgies.  Maybe yeah so much.


NO ONE gets drafted  

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Happy belated pink underwear day
Orgy Day
Happy End!Verse day!

There should be Season9!Dean/TheEnd!Dean conversation fic, wonder how they'd perceive each other and their lives compared to each other
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Can I please, pretty please, have a crossover in which the Winchesters are also part of the Dogma plot?
Or at least, in which this is Metatron instead?

I wanna see a conversation between Dean and Jay. Not sure how Dean might handle someone who outDeans him in some departments :-)
Charlie and Serendipity (and Meg). "No naked men in the back seat of the Impala!" . Also, perhaps Cas and Silent Bob might have some things in common... or not.... And of course, the ending in which something in Sam's pocket shines brightly in the presence of God - the amulet... And Cas' reaction... And Sam's...
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Studied the whole night for the test in the morning, took it, went to sleep (missed an important demonstration), woke up in the middle of the night. Went on an impromptu date with Ch, got back after dawn just in time to have an impromptu romantic breakfast with GF in the sun, people walking their dogs around and taking their babies for walks.

With all the tests and everything, haven't even found the time to watch SPN yet, though! But came by to inform you of this:

Let there be fic!

Edible Anus artisan, preservative-free Belgian chocolates are handmade in the UK. The company claims its brown star mold comes from a sphincter model whose trunk is as fine as the chocolates themselves. They believe their anus range of confections can "dissolve cultural boundaries of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation."

I miss you!
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So, I read this fic in which grown-up Sam and Dean were having a conflict. It was simmering underneath everything, Dean wasn't completely sure whether Sam realized what Dean had done to him, whether he was angry, and things were maybe great between them but maybe really not, maybe it was all a front, and then Sam turned around and KEYED THE IMPALA! And I was like - holy shit! Mind blown! I've never read that in any fic ever! That is quite the sign that Sam is beyond - I've seen him almost kill Dean, but never something like that! What an amazing thing to write, especially in present-day fic rather than when the Impala was such a huge oh she meant Sam put the key in the door to open it.

Another one is a fic rec I just looked at on Tumblr. I'd listen to that one, probably )
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OMGOMGOMGOMG, this will be like the days of J2 living together, only with more of a community and more orgies. I want ALL THE FIC! :D
And I want Vicky and Jensen to have a bunch of good talks, please. OMG!

"Misha: he and Jared and Jensen were talking about all renting a house together in Italy next year with the families."

So - please, please, pretty please, may I have some new non-au, well characterized RPS...
And thank you to [ profile] big_heart_june for pointing to this!
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1) You know the Winchester "we're all we got" thing? Now that they have more of a community, they have option, I'd like some "I have options, and I choose you cause I want to" moments in canon and in fic.

2) I keep going back to this plot I just want to see: things are more or less ok for the boys, they're settled in their bunker, they're working together and being pretty much honest with each other etc - and one day, in the middle of a hunt, or they come home to find in their sitting area - John Winchester.
And they have to sort of rediscover who they are - how they changed and didn't change, how they feel about him and about each other's relationship with him now, where he'd be proud of them and where he really wouldn't, how much of it they'll talk about - and whether they still even speak the same language, communicate in the same ways - and what they'd hide from him, or refuse to hide from him, how he'll react to it if he finds out etc.


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