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Just these two - Winchsters, and J2:

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Gonna do the awesome [ profile] elwarre 's meme, like the cool kids!
I can't deal with 'favorite', I just can't coose one - but I will try to go for 'very beloved'......

1 - A favorite fic featuring your OTP

And I have asked to be where no storms come by [ profile] candle_beck
I can't - there are so many amazing fics and authores, and my soul and the fandom lives in so many of them so far - but THIS FIIIIIIIC

2 - A favorite fic featuring your NOTP

Sorry, it's Destiel - though I also read some Destiel, and some if pretty awesome - like this one -
Absolution by [ profile] wolfling & [ profile] omphalos
Adventure, and Sam is part of it too because not-romantic relationships are important too.... - nicely done

3 - A favorite genfic

So many, but The One You'll Know By by [ profile] roque_clasique - I cannot believe she almost didn't post it because she was just not pleased with it enough - it is gorgeous - the heat, the nonverbal interactions yes yes yes (despite the negativeish portrayal of kid-Sam)

4 - A fic that drew you outside your comfort zone

Definitely [ profile] balder12's These Clothes Don't Fit Us Right. When I read it it I was almost completely Wincest monogamous, plus it involves a trope I am literally terrified of (cause of my ways). I still loved it, it was amazing and pulled me in, and got me into kinda shipping Sastiel along the way, too!

5 - A fic that's gotten less attention than you think it deserves

Gonna stay with [ profile] balder12 (sorry if this makes you uncomfortable!) - her Mystery Dance is one of the best fics of fandom - a classic

6 - A fic that made you cry

Many, but the amazing Monster by Any Other Name... by [ profile] brosedshield, [ profile] lavinialavender and whereupon - probably my favorite parts are - the complexity of recovery and the disconnect between paradigms of a person recovering and a person supporting them? it is beautiful and I need all the fic like that, more!

7 - A fic that made you laugh

Again, many amazing fics, but omg, [ profile] ash_carpenter's Anti Kink: Non Con -
brought me so much joy - it is hilarious, and the only ever story I know that makes rape funny - so funny - for me as a survivor, ok :))
I mean - I've read a lot of scorching hot, or h/c, or recovery - but just joyously funny was amazing, meaningful and just fun :))
thank you for that if you are reading this, bb :)

8 - Your favorite trope and a fic that features it

Come on! But ok, some trope that I adore - epic canon-divergent aus for early seasons, and then just - [ profile] rivkat's Only Sweeter.

Or just early season early season (I miss those so much I cried over it yesterday, I kid you not, so if you know really good fic for earlier seasons, please do send it my way) - like It doesn't mean you can explain the ocean by rageproofrock (check out [ profile] applegeuse's podfic), and then there are [ profile] astolat's Leader of the Pack or Worth the Wait....

9 - The weirdest fic you ever loved

Not so weird, but [ profile] fleshflutter 's Incestuous Courtship, ans Astolat's hilarious Kings and Queens and Jokers, too
And [ profile] badbastion's And you would be the fool - hilarious and well written and sweet

10 - Fill in the blank category because I can't think of anything else

RPF? Like [ profile] queenklu's sweet non-au (yes please) Half the Chance to Go?

OK, there are WAY TOO ANY amazing fics that are not in this list, amazing writers not in this list!!!!
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Sweet little fic, later season first time Wincest -
(just in case, I should warn for very mild dubcon, by current standards for that)

It’s over coffee that it happens, Dean leaning around Sam to put the carafe back onto the warmer, and Sam closes the narrow distance between his mouth and Dean’s. Soft, sweet, and all too brief, the kiss breaks as the carafe thunks a little too hard back into it’s place and Dean steps back with wide eyes. He doesn’t run like Sam expects, nor does he lash out like Sam fears he will. Instead, he lifts a trembling hand to his lips, touching them lightly.

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The kind, generous people of Tumblr have been filling a LOT of my prompts ~~~

Waterbird13 writes comforty, hot, Sam-centric fic. She writes pretty much every ship involving Sam, and has filled about a million of my prompts (and you should go prompt her too, when her prompts are open)

This is a cute post-season-10 D/s Wincest story - after a year of not being able to scene because of s10, they hesitantly try it again (Dom!Sam/sub!Dean, negotiation)

Awesome, iddy, awesome h/c, Benny/Sam, D/s - Sam just needs to sub, to let go
And the non-sexual version, with some hair stroking and praise
Also, on a hunt with Dean and Benny, Sam has a panic attack (this one isn't D/s, it's hurt/comfort -not sexual, pretty much)

This is just - just just so hot. I'm pretty sure it is hot even for people who don't have a kink for subs sucking their Dom's fingers - but if you do - YEAH - Wincest, Dom!Sam
by thedropoutandthejunkie, who writes dome lovely hot praise!kink, too

H/c Sam/Benny - sub!Sam is sex-repulsed and never told his Dom
by lovely lovely holydarkhallelujah -
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All the cool kids are doing the movie meme. Which is cool - 10 movies that somehow resonate or express who you are, where you are as a person now. But there are such few movies that I feel resonate much about me - I wanna do this with fic! I really hope the authors see this as compliments. What I'm saying is - this really resonated with me, touched me and stayed with me.
This is very far from being a comprehensive list.

Meme text:
Choose 10(ish) fics or other fan creations that resonate with who you are right now, as a person.
Optional: Add a work or two that you created, that do the same.

Credit in the Straight World by [ profile] vaingirlfic, podfic by [ profile] ann_ciudad
Needs Must by [ profile] thatotherperv, podfic by [ profile] dodificus
or Hands in my Hair, podfic by [ profile] anna_unfolding
Into the World Breathes Life , by [ profile] checkthemargins podfic by [ profile] heardtheowl
The Fetters of Fenrir by Leonidaslion
Odysseus, American by [ profile] coyotesuspect, podfic by [ profile] zempasuchil
Little Earthquakes by ProphecyGirl, BtVS
Only Sweeter by [ profile] rivkat, podfic by [ profile] yourrighteye
Fic by [ profile] balder12, particularly when Sam's prominent.
This is All Very Meta by [ profile] road_rhythm, podfic by [ profile] applegeuse
Leader of the Pack by [ profile] astolat
(ahh, so many others more!)

Also gonna choose two by me -
Try to Do it As Beautifully
and When She Talks, I Hear the Revolution, also podfic

ETA: If anyone feels like doing this too - of course, go for it! If you feel like it, leave a link in the comments, I'd like to read it!
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Just a quick rec - go look at the pretty by Vongue.
Sam/Dean, shotgunning, bike, leather jacket. Hot.


Nov. 19th, 2013 11:32 pm
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Another Fangirls vid from Leigh. Welcome to Night Vale adorableness.

ETA: This is so cool!

A bunch of artists (including Leigh) made this together - you get to flip through channels - oh, just go look...


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