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Miss you already, show -
have a fun fun fun wonderful break, and may there be plenty of wonderful fandom, and you come back awesome and soon !

(I really miss Jared, you guys :( )
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They're back.... the boys, caring about each other, in the Impala. And the rest -is just the rest!
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[this isn't even exactly speculations]
"Remember, self, don't go on LJ or Tumblr before watching the finale! Even with all your spoiler warnings and filters, someone's gonna ruin it!" --> sad for rl reasons --> goes on LJ and Tumblr --> no spoilers --> "Nobody spoiled anything?! How boring an episode was that?!"


May. 18th, 2015 01:06 pm
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Came across something like this on Tumblr:

"Don't worry! Sam will be ok! Cas is there with him
and Cas will use his grace and do everything he can
to ease up the double penetration!"

So it was not a spoiler for the finale after all


I hope I'm wrong
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So the way that makes most sense to kill Crowley is for Dean to do it - and that would work, because it wold put in motion both Rowena maybe working to remove the mark (the 'personally' thing sounded interesting) and the prediction of Dean killing everyone he loves.

My money's on them handwaving (heh heh) away the concept of the mark still influencing the person even if removed. I doubt my speculation about Metatron using the tablet to control Dean will happen at this point, though maybe. H emight become ruler of hell if he can't become ruler of heaven.
Would be kinda cool if Rowena wanted the mark, but that'd just give them another redhead demon bad gal.
I suspect she'll want something handwavy, and that we might still get some Olivette - maybe.

I doubt we'll get another serious "will Dean kill Cas". Also, I'm kinda uncomfortable with Cas being the Winchester killed for the finale - it's a territorial thing!

I have horrific ideas of Sam taking it on and killing himself/becoming king of hell
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ETA: this is the one true thing that I have about this episode:
This was so so violent and horrifyingly graphic -
did somebody tell Carver he was getting soft, or asked if he'd seen a boob in the wild?
Did somebody pry his eyelids open and make him watch GoT to cure him of his bad writing urges?
Did he experience a moment of true happiness, triggering an ancient curse?
WTF happened?!

I probably need about a month, now, of watching My Little Pony 3-4 hours a day, omg

Also -Couldn't they just please get rid of the bunker already? SO CLOSE!


-Like a fish that wants to fly or a dog that thinks it's people!
-Sam likes dogs.

ETA: Seriously - this is as violent and cruel as the show has ever been, even just that whole scene of Charlie's body graphically burning - WTF?! Why?!


(If you comment, no future spoilers, please! Not predictions or emotions about the finale, just no spoilers, please please)
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New guy is probably my second favorite writer on the show, by now! Go new guy!

1) Can we talk about the way, again and again, Rowena is treated disturbingly cruelly, in ways that do speak of gender power hierarchy? For all she is evil. Leaving a woman tied up indefinitely is not the same as doing that to man. Manipulative mothers are often trying to survive rather than plot their son's demise. It's interesting particularly since the writers seem to want to comment of feminism from time to time (see this ep's Betty Friedan). They seem to realize that their audience might be interested in that, at the very least. And "strong women = feminist" seems to be the go-to characterization for women or girl characters we should like, but won't really get much of a role. I wonder what they are trying to do with Rowena, in that regard, if.
Also, should mention that this is the writer who wrote the Alex-Jody episode that everybody but me loved, which had a lot of women, anyway.

(a) Actually, can we talk about how in Show World the way to get out of an unwanted halusination is either to kill part of oneself or to be groped by one's brother?

2) Twice now Dean has been honest and responsible and confided in Sam when he should have. I like that. I'd have liked for him to also talk with Sam about considering killing himself and knowing that was not an option, but I get why he didn't, and for Sam's fragile heart/stability, that might be a blessing. Then again, surely he knows.

3) I'll just sum it up with Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!1111

4)careful, gentle, fragile, long missed brotherly feels

ETA: interesting - the scene cutting between Dean interviewing Suzie and Sam breaking in is written to be scary, creepy, but that is played down through music and lighting, perhaps.

Wait - if Rowena is part of Sam and Rowena says tying Dean up might be fun -
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Just based on the Js' expressions when they try to smile after shooting, my money's on the season ending so horribly - possibly Dean actually killing Sam this time. I'd say - Sam doing it so Dean doesn't - but I'm more convinced that that mention of Lucifer wasn't accidental, as Sam's self sacrifice and darkness goes.

Something truly horrinble.

*makes sandwich board urging passers by to stock up on fluff *
[IDK anything concrete, so please no spoilers ]
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Everyone wants heterosexual romance, sex and marriage - I'm "no way! I don't want that, screw you patriarchy! I am fucking awesome!"
Everyone is excited about an ep I found nice but didn't make my heart sing - I'm "oh, oh, maybe there *is* something wrong with me, man, is that a symptom of depression? Maybe I am really not ok"

;) :)
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They didn't show us Sam's face saying he loved the hunting lifestyle.
Such a huge change going way back to quoting the Pilot, and they didn't show us Sam's face.

I know I am supposed to believe it, but I'm having a little trouble really believing Sam is passionate-happy about anything, though "love it" can be many things... I need this developed more deeply in fic and connected to the past. I can accept that the Bunker and MOL thing was maybe a turning point, that moment Dean gave Sam his blessing there. And Meg wasn't effective in bothering Sam about it in Goodbye Stranger because it was beginning to not be true. It can be a very cool switch, Dean with his beach vacation (shout out to SPN discourse) and Sam wanting to hunt, but it would require much more depth.


OK, two other things ("I lied")

I finally liked Metatron in this episode, right from his first scene ('arousing'), and annoying Cas, that was awesome. And his monologue about the thing that he and Cas did that was so Dynamic Duo? I for real was certain he was talking about his and Cas' adventures in pantsless bathroom doings.

Also - I always recognize Robbie, even when it's not his usual sort of ep, for his Tumblr shoutouts and enriching relationships and characters, and trying to tie up loose ends (even if IMO he lives in Tumblr fandom and so is just more knowledgeable abut later eps that the early ones, for all he rewatches then). He always writes the best Metatron, and probably Charlie.

Did anyone but Robbie actually remember Metatron had the demon tablet?
Also few weeks ago I arbitrarily made up Osric coming back this season. Perhaps he can read all that stuff, teach Metatron how to control his pet Demon Dean and give us some Stockholm Syndrome fic.
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I am so interested and happy about so many aspects of this episode. So many interesting possibilities. Not sure I know enough people for this to happen, but ah well, I want there to be a prompt meme, might as well open one! Idea totally stolen from the awesome [ profile] glovered <3 <3
Prompt away!

Fill by [ profile] amberdreams for [ profile] thursdaysisters's prompt : The only way for Sam to remove a God-level curse? Why, he'd have to become God...

1) Leave as many prompts as you like
2) Multiple fills are AWESOME
3) All forms of fanwork are GREAT
4) FPF, RPF, go for it
5) Please include warnings if necessary
6) If you include any spoilers at all for unaired episodes, please publish the fill, prompt of comment on your journal and link to it behind a cut. NO FUTURE SPOILERS, please please please


ETA: I don't know anyone in fandom! signal boost and may you be rewarded with many happy-making fills! _anon is open, go for it if you like!
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I'm pretty sure Jared didn't actually mean to end his gorgeous campaign with comparing us people with PTSD to murderous blood sucking misogynistic colonialist monsters who are a danger to society and to their loved ones and are likely to be killed off - maybe for the best.

ETA:O! I should be clear, though - I have no doubt that Jared had the very best intentions in linking the ep with his campaign, it's just probably not thought through

ETA2: I'm not referring to Jared's future spoiler, but to the thing he wrote about this ep re the campaign: " I couldn't help but be struck by the fact that it dealt with our soldiers coming back from war with PTSD and, all too often, suicidal thoughts" - suicidal, homicidal, getting killed for being a monster cidal....

At least I got the writer right again. If SPN writers wrote for anon memes I might be better at guessing those!
Or, better yet, if slash writers wrote the show.
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Not sure who this was more offensive towards, these kids or gen-xers.

Better to consider it the ep in which Dean was British and Sam had a sparkly pink laptop.
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So wait - the whole premise in the beginning, of a monster who takes people and leaves behind their clothes.
Why would Hansel stop, in a public place, to strip down unconscious children and leave behind their clothes,
then produce from somewhere age and size appropriate clothes (he'd need to carry a collection) and dress unconscious children on the street - or drag them naked away? WTF?

Why even bother dressing them at all? I mean - they're bad guys, why bother dressing the kids for a day or two only? OK, naked can be very uncomfortable, but why not just take them in their clothes? Particularly since leaving the clothes pints to the disappearance.

Also. Underoos. How does Sam know, and *seriously*, Hansel dressed Dean in underwear? Ick! I'll just hope that was a joke on Sam's part.
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Title: Ketchup and Cheese
Rating: gen
Words: ~450
Notes: on the 10x12 comment meme,[ profile] amberdreams wrote a prompt which someone should fill for real. I stuck to the beginning of it - the concept of Sam going on the case alone. Also, this is unbetaed, just a quick little thing for the fun of playing 'what if' , no impressive literary intentions.

Summary: If Sam had the conversation at the bar, how might he have told the story?

"To fucked up childhoods", she says.

They clink.

" My brother, he -" Sam continues, hesitates. When he speaks again, his voice is deeper, eyes lost in a memory she can tell she's only getting the cleaned up version of. That's OK, it's not like he's getting the full versions of hers. "O ur dad dropped us off for a few hours, took him a week to stumble back" Sam grimaces, as if he isn't going through his second whiskey with her with the sun not even halfway down. She wonders, for a moment, whether he has kids of his own waiting at some crappy motel. "A friend of the family came all the way from Dakota to get him straight".

She doesn't say "wish I had a friend of the family to come get me back then".

"We only had a bunch of boxes of macaroni and cheese, and I wouldn't eat it. So he – my brother - he went into a McDonald's and grabbed" - he digs his hands into an imaginary container, fingers stretched wide, holding up with cheeky pride a huge amount of "- all the ketchup he could hold". For a moment, his dimples show. "Left a trail of ketchup packets all the way back to our room. And he made something he called Hot Blooded" -

"Like the song? Cause it was red ?"

"Yeah" his smile widens but his eyes are lowered and soft, like he finds it ridiculous, and disgusting, but will personally punch anyone who made fun . "Red, spicy. It was basically mac 'n cheese swimming in ketchup, but he insisted it was something completely new. And I ate it. And for days he practiced squirting ketchup at my head whenever I got out of the shower"

She laughs. "That sounds disgusting".

"You should have tasted his macaroni and cheese and marshmallow fluff. He didn't take out the cheese flavoring"

"Yup, gross"

He seems on the brink of protesting, but concedes. "It was. But, my brother. You know" his voice goes rougher, eyes looking away. "He was lookin out for me. I knew it"

She isn't sure what to say. He's telling the story like a funny anecdote, she doesn't know how much to acknowledge the rest. "Did you eat it?"

He nods slowly, eyes far away. "Yeah. Told him it was exotic". He smiles, sad but sweet, as if getting banged up harder made him softer, appeased him about this .

Their eyes meet, and for a second he's with her, she can see what he's like. What he's like for his brother.

She'd loved someone like that once. Three times at least, really. The further down the line you go, the more you have to love to try again.

His phone rings.

"I should go", she says.


Feb. 4th, 2015 06:57 pm
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There were so so many thingss about this one that made me so so happy!
So many great moments and actual worldbuilding for the boys' childhood again and so much awesome and Jensen's acting was so much better could tell there was a significant difference right away- apparently sleep works for him!
So much ic! this ep need so much fic!

I wanted Sam to be deaged too anmd for them to be stuck that way for another ep or two.

Jared was great too

and banter! Yess!!!!


Could do without the mysogyny, fatphobia and crazy people are gross, not to mention homeless people.

But apart from that it was SO AWESOME!!!!

ETA: COMMENT MEME for this ep YES!!!!!!!!
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A little like s certain Winchester, in school I was a drama kid too - and I did sound and tech for Oliver.

Or as SPN is meant to put it: consider yourself one of the family

Also (ok, it's an extra thing) - Yeah Dean, the world has to b saved from your karaoke!
Being such a fluffy care!demon doesn't make me convinced the world needs saving from this one.
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I too enjoyed discovering Dean's puppy look. But one thing I find interesting about it is that probably the reason we're only seeing it now is that Dean didn't use to get things through that with Sam. He used to tell Sam. He used to argue. Sometimes get worried. Sometimes get lied to or kept out. But not this sort of negotiation. It might be a sign Dean perceives them as more equal now .


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