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I just realized something!

I was watching Jane the Virgin - there was a bit of character trivia added a few eps ago a character's alarm clock ) - and I kept telling myself - no way, can't be sure it was only introduced then - could be from way way back! And I kept telling myself - how way back, this is a newish show! But then I kept feeling that I couldn't know no way no way etc - and sure could be wrong - bt this is probably because

I'm a frigging SPN fun
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Cas, imagine you walk into the Bunker’s kitchen, and there are Dean and Sam kissing like there's nothing else in the world! And they look up at you and kinda smile, Dean does that eyebrow thing and Sam looks both vulnerable and ravenous, and they say - get in here, Cas, we’ll show you a sandwich you can still enjoy - in that situation, what are you doing?

what what )
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Title: hard to take courage
Pairing: Sam/Dean / Sam&Dean
Rating: :gen
Word: 550

Summary: for [profile] balder12's prompt: Dean plays with the giant rainbow slinky

At first, Dean just - kinda, holds it- shut up! He's wanted it for years! )
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Title: hard to take courage
Pairing: Sam/Dean / Sam&Dean
Rating: :gen
Word: 550
Note: I am writing quick, unbeta'ed stuff, mainly to distract myself from the holidays. If you like, come donate a prompt (anon/pm is fine, more than one is fine, though I might not write everything). Details are here

Summary: for [ profile] balder12's prompt: Dean plays with the giant rainbow slinky

At first, Dean just - kinda, holds it- shut up! He's wanted it for years!

It rests in Dean's lap as he drives them away, and he feels up the shape of it as he drives, fingers under the top circle, smooths the curve of the column, the ridges inside.

Dean can see Sam hiding a smile, but it's a fond one, like when he can't help but laugh at Dean's jokes. Doesn't say a word. Knows what is good for him, bitch is covered in glitter.

Dean steps out to get the gas pump, and when he's back, it's gone.

"Give it back" Dean makes Dad's hand gesture, Dad's tone. This is important hunter business.

"What?" Sam asks, voice casual innocence. Dean glares. Sam raises an eyebrow, shrugs big, fake-smiles. But there is a real smile there too, the sort Dean hasn't seen in a long while, and Dean knows he is smiling like an idiot too. He dives for under Sam's seat, and of course there it is. Sam pulls it away, but in the car Sam can't use him monster arm reach, and Dean's got him pinned in a second, sitting on him like the bitch he is and grabbing what's his.

Sam gives up easy, smirks, like all he wanted was to prove Dean would fight for it. Dean goes for Sam's hair, something between a ruffle and a noogie, and that is a mistake.

"Sam! The car!" he yells, incredulous. His Baby might never again be free of glitter. Bedazzled hairy sasquatch of a brother. Always said Sam was a pussy.

Gonna vacuum her all better soon as possible.

When Sam is asleep that night, Dean slips out. There are five steps leading up to the motel's entrance.

The steps are too wide, that's what it is.

OK, a slinky as large as this just needs more acceleration power behind it, not like the puny metal things that kids get their fingers stuck in.

Dean can just go on a beer run, they'll need beer - at some point . And if he happens to find a good, steep staircase, driving around looking for a place to get beer - well, then, he'll be prepared.

It's like parkour, really, who else goes around searching for steep danger-stairs at midnight? It's good for a hunter.

Really, Sam should be practicing this too.

It's why Dean wanted the slinky to begin with, after all, playing with Sam.

Sam wakes up with Lucifer whispering in his ear. Dean is not there.
Maybe back in hell? Maybe shot by Dick Roman, or eaten by a ghoul?

Sam isn't surprised to find Dean behind the motel, in a dark alley, racing his slinky down some steps.

He isn't surprised, but he can breathe again without feeling like his ribs are cracked.

Dean is smiling, winded in his t-shirt, eyes crinkling like he doesn't remember there is anything else in the world.

He starts a little when he realizes Sam is there, then his smile widens with pleasure. He hands Sam a beer and it looks too grown up for dean's smile at that moment, but Dean opens it with his ring, one smooth move, capable hands. Dean.

Sam bumps Dean's shoulder and sits down with him.
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SPN is back and a soft smell of rain just blew in
I'm all right

...and having written this I realize it in a (western appropriate version of a) heiku
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aw yay!
Jared made a world cut poooooost!
Aw yay :)))))))))))
please get excited and happy about things that make you excited and happy, Jared, I will return to rereading and wondering wtf you just wrote - that works :)


May. 18th, 2015 01:06 pm
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Came across something like this on Tumblr:

"Don't worry! Sam will be ok! Cas is there with him
and Cas will use his grace and do everything he can
to ease up the double penetration!"

So it was not a spoiler for the finale after all


I hope I'm wrong


Apr. 18th, 2015 05:13 pm
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[content warning for MI, beauty standards]

Been thinking lately about demons.
Pretty much every one of them would probably be (un)living with PTSD or other MI. Things they've gone through in hell. Things they've gone through to lead them to make deals - whether it's like Bela, or feeling your soul was less important than fitting beauty standards for women. Their vessels, too - things done while possessed, but also, remember Meg's line - she's an actress, this isn't even the worst thing that happened to her?

This is a different perspective for demon politics, characterization of specific demons, perception of motives etc
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I am so interested and happy about so many aspects of this episode. So many interesting possibilities. Not sure I know enough people for this to happen, but ah well, I want there to be a prompt meme, might as well open one! Idea totally stolen from the awesome [ profile] glovered <3 <3
Prompt away!

Fill by [ profile] amberdreams for [ profile] thursdaysisters's prompt : The only way for Sam to remove a God-level curse? Why, he'd have to become God...

1) Leave as many prompts as you like
2) Multiple fills are AWESOME
3) All forms of fanwork are GREAT
4) FPF, RPF, go for it
5) Please include warnings if necessary
6) If you include any spoilers at all for unaired episodes, please publish the fill, prompt of comment on your journal and link to it behind a cut. NO FUTURE SPOILERS, please please please


ETA: I don't know anyone in fandom! signal boost and may you be rewarded with many happy-making fills! _anon is open, go for it if you like!
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Title: It Gets Better
Author/Artist: [ profile] citrusjava
Recipient: [ profile] alethiometry
Warnings (if applicable): experimental, PTSD, depression, implied violence and possibly death
Notes: Can he please be the next president-president?
Notes2: This Kevin is so influenced by the wonderful [ profile] balder12 's writing. If you like Kevin fic at all, you should be reading hers.

Prompt to subvert: "Kevin Tran's presidential campaign", on the April's Fool Challenge at [ profile] spnspiration
They give Kevin a choice )
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Wait, is there, like, a separate spoiler for s8 )
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We've been playing this on facebook and it's fun - perhaps it could work on lazy LJ too!
This is how it goes: every person who wants to play replies to the previous question (you can post to your journal and link to it or just reply to this post. Once you've replied to a question, you ask one of your own - either a question about a person's life, or you can challenge them to make up a few lines of a fic.
It's ok to reply to something that already got a reply if you like that better.

Let's see whether this works!

(please warn for triggers, +it's ok to be uncomfortable with something and not want to do it)

OK, a few questions to start us off to choose from:
1) tell us about a really awesome cuddle session you had
or 2) post a pic of the messiest space in your home
or 3) tell us about one time you cut school, and what you did instead
or 4) write us a few lines about any of that, re.... Sam. Or Jess. Or someone you love.
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Title: All You Can Eat!
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: gen
Warnings: mention of food shaming, concern trolling
Note: For [ profile] purplegertie

Summary: fill on [ profile] spn_masquerade for this prompt: Dean cursed/blessed to be hungry for and be able to digest pretty much anything. I just want him pigging out on something weird and being very satisfied with his full belly.

Read more... )
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One of my favorite things about Jensen - or the way he seem to be etc - is one I very rarely find in fic.

I get the sense that Jensen considers it his responsibility to be there and to help people he loves. Perhaps not everyone, perhaps not in every - but I get the sense he's there for people. And for the longer run, too. If a friend were going through something, Jensen would care, would take it into account, would be supportive. If only in phone calls - in keeping that person in his thoughts. Even if Jensen weren't feeling all that stable himself, he'd want to be stable for a loved one. Not necessarily in one glorious action - just being there for the person, in subtle ways....

I wonder how come this is so rarely a point in fic - have I been reading the wrong fic?

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So wait - the whole premise in the beginning, of a monster who takes people and leaves behind their clothes.
Why would Hansel stop, in a public place, to strip down unconscious children and leave behind their clothes,
then produce from somewhere age and size appropriate clothes (he'd need to carry a collection) and dress unconscious children on the street - or drag them naked away? WTF?

Why even bother dressing them at all? I mean - they're bad guys, why bother dressing the kids for a day or two only? OK, naked can be very uncomfortable, but why not just take them in their clothes? Particularly since leaving the clothes pints to the disappearance.

Also. Underoos. How does Sam know, and *seriously*, Hansel dressed Dean in underwear? Ick! I'll just hope that was a joke on Sam's part.
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Title: Ketchup and Cheese
Rating: gen
Words: ~450
Notes: on the 10x12 comment meme,[ profile] amberdreams wrote a prompt which someone should fill for real. I stuck to the beginning of it - the concept of Sam going on the case alone. Also, this is unbetaed, just a quick little thing for the fun of playing 'what if' , no impressive literary intentions.

Summary: If Sam had the conversation at the bar, how might he have told the story?

"To fucked up childhoods", she says.

They clink.

" My brother, he -" Sam continues, hesitates. When he speaks again, his voice is deeper, eyes lost in a memory she can tell she's only getting the cleaned up version of. That's OK, it's not like he's getting the full versions of hers. "O ur dad dropped us off for a few hours, took him a week to stumble back" Sam grimaces, as if he isn't going through his second whiskey with her with the sun not even halfway down. She wonders, for a moment, whether he has kids of his own waiting at some crappy motel. "A friend of the family came all the way from Dakota to get him straight".

She doesn't say "wish I had a friend of the family to come get me back then".

"We only had a bunch of boxes of macaroni and cheese, and I wouldn't eat it. So he – my brother - he went into a McDonald's and grabbed" - he digs his hands into an imaginary container, fingers stretched wide, holding up with cheeky pride a huge amount of "- all the ketchup he could hold". For a moment, his dimples show. "Left a trail of ketchup packets all the way back to our room. And he made something he called Hot Blooded" -

"Like the song? Cause it was red ?"

"Yeah" his smile widens but his eyes are lowered and soft, like he finds it ridiculous, and disgusting, but will personally punch anyone who made fun . "Red, spicy. It was basically mac 'n cheese swimming in ketchup, but he insisted it was something completely new. And I ate it. And for days he practiced squirting ketchup at my head whenever I got out of the shower"

She laughs. "That sounds disgusting".

"You should have tasted his macaroni and cheese and marshmallow fluff. He didn't take out the cheese flavoring"

"Yup, gross"

He seems on the brink of protesting, but concedes. "It was. But, my brother. You know" his voice goes rougher, eyes looking away. "He was lookin out for me. I knew it"

She isn't sure what to say. He's telling the story like a funny anecdote, she doesn't know how much to acknowledge the rest. "Did you eat it?"

He nods slowly, eyes far away. "Yeah. Told him it was exotic". He smiles, sad but sweet, as if getting banged up harder made him softer, appeased him about this .

Their eyes meet, and for a second he's with her, she can see what he's like. What he's like for his brother.

She'd loved someone like that once. Three times at least, really. The further down the line you go, the more you have to love to try again.

His phone rings.

"I should go", she says.
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On the December Days challenge, [ profile] glovered wrote: Which of Sam's shirts is your favorite, and why? Option to also list the most horrifying by whatever standard you deem fit. (I JUST LOVE SAMS GREAT/TERRIBLE FASHION SENSE)

I'll admit it, I like Sam's shirts. Been trying to get myself the plaid type ones before the current trend, I like that sort of - I guess masculinity reference. I must admit also, though, that I am really fond of Sam Winchester himself, and had to make an effort to separate his shirts from the cuteness and Sam of the rest of him.

I hadn't noticed The Dog Shirt

till [ profile] kalliel pointed it out - but now I like it! We had some theory going about the shirt surviving for so long because the dog was a real hell-hound and would secretly help save Sam or the boys from monsters, protecting their shirt/home - I don't remember, it was longer.

I'm fond of the v-necks

it was a pity, watching this one go

Sam felt my fanpain too

This is the second Sam shirt I happened to mention here strongly influenced by hell hounds. Perhaps they are the ones doing wardrobe for the show? I mean, who could forget these fashion forward spring cutouts?

Of course, then there is this one...
thank you for this one...

I mean, this one

There was on unexpected excursion into glam rock

a clear Velvet Goldmine reference

Then comes one of my favorite outfits of Sam's

(seriously - it's gorgeous, even just [ profile] badbastion's work with light is just gorgeous - if you haven't, look at it! But not in unfriendly pornless spaces)

Probably my favorite of all of Sam's shirts is his hoodie -it is very Sam, a certain kind of Sam... - probably the one from Jared's audition:

That was one good audition!

There aren't really any I hate...

clearly the crosses are intended to ward off vampires.
+ I want Sam to get dressed in more silly things!
It's not like Jared can't do comedy....
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If Sam hurt his elbow in an embarrassing way, that involved Cas but was not Cas' fault exactly, and that involved a demon, clearly Castiel was all toppy BAMF and glorious manhandling a demon, and Sam was just so turned on he jacked off for hours, resulting in injury. OK, injuries.


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