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*casually clicks into Tumblr*
*realizes my mistake*
*raises hands*
Woah, woah, nothing bad needs to happen, we're all friends here, I'm just going to
*backs out carefully with no sharp movements*
*closes tab*
Nothing (new) horribly spoiled.
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At 16, Sam convinces Dean to take him to a country fair:

WIncest, just pretty, sad, meaningful, with history. That, is, a pretty, sad, mellow with drinking and history PWP (did I rec this one already?):
And from the same author - Wincestiel, tipsy, Dean in panties:

Short, to the point, and everything I want almost - Wincest post traumatic D/s, with a touch of praise!kink, even:
(this was not even my friggin prompt!)
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Wrote this not-fic yesterday for sad people on Tumblr. It's seriously just fluffy fluff and barely that. Might be comforting, though.

Just letting you know, that the real Sam, Cas, Benny and Dean are now napping in a pile of fluffy pillows, all curled up around each other. They've been watching the show and Cas read about Jared and everything on Tumblr (cause Tumblr is cross-dimensional), and they got worried and sad

So they made a bunch of comfort food and watched My Little Pony and Dean's fingers just touched Sam just to make sure, and Sam's head was in Benny's lap and his fingers digging into Dean's abdomen, and Benny was petting Sam’s hair and Sam was not thinking how comfortable that certain part of Benny was, and how comforting his touch was,

and Cas wrapped himself around Dean, unaware he was holding the place where Dean’s mark wasn’t, holding it almost tight enough for Dean to b uncomfortable, but Dean didn’t complain cause he sorta needed to feel that too.

And Cas was fascinated by the show, “I too used to wonder what friendship could be before I met you, Dean”, and Sam snorted and Benny kissed Cas’ forehead and then the food was ready, so they brought in all in front of the TV and cuddled even closer together.

And Sam was falling asleep, Dean squeezed his arm and said - you know I don’t - I would never - I’m sorry, Sam - and Sam hugged him and told him not to be stupid, that wasn’t at all them! - but something unknotted in his chest, in his throat


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