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I am feeling lonely and sad, and the winter holidays coming remind me of how lonely I was last Christmas (it was good to be on my own with my boundaries, but also very alone, and it was one of the coldest winters), and ok - maybe I shouldn't be writing about that now....

Anyway - I'm gonna tray to do the Snowflake Challenge - they did say no deadline, so!

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Return is one of my most important fics for me. A lot of my soul is in it, and for me it is one of my best and most meaningful. I might have though of it as bad or unworthy, but it is almost impossible to do with enthusiastic encouragement like [ profile] kalliel's (THANK YOU, you amazing person, whenever you read this! <3)
Pairing: background Dean/Sam
Rating: gen
Summary: Outsiders would tell you, sometimes tell her at toll booths or rest stops, that she is fat, and hairy, and old. Some people call her things for that. She has many names.

Save You from the Dragons is one of the very first podfics I'd managed to complete editing (because editing is made of torturous hell). I was still so naive, at awe and in love with this show, my show.... I'd recorded some other podfics trying to please my recipient(s) and forcing myself a little bit too far off of where I was comfortable with.
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: pg-13
Summary: During Sam's demon blood detox, he talks.
Warnings: background canon forced withdrawal, written as fluffy

Then there are Celebrate You, Baby and Try to Do it as Beautifully
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ETA: I got a comment about this coming across as if I'm angry, so I should clarify - I'm not angry at all, this is just a thing that bothers me, and I was hoping people would find it an interesting topic to discuss. If not, go ahead and ignore.

(background first)
So, I agree that, for instance, including one gay character on a show, to be "the gay character" kinda sucks. I was so excited when I first found a book about two male police detectives working on a case. A story about something besides them coming out or going to pride or hating themselves, that sort of thing.

But even for detectives in a story about detective work, being gay would paint the way they interact with the world and perceive themselves in it, would paint the things that draw their attention or annoy them, something. I hate the whole "we are exactly like straight people" narrative. Life experiences paint who you are. Identity paints who you are.

So I very much doubt that even if the Winchesters were in an established relationship, the "incest thing" would just fade into the background completely. It IS part of their lives, their history, it matters that they're brothers because it's an important part of their history and relationship, and it matters that they are brothers because even if they are completely over it, they have to live in a world that is not, and that MATTERS! I really need more stories that don't disregard or erase that. There is room for fluffy comforty stories, and I get that not all writers want to focus on that, but it really bothers me that it's become a norm to disregarded it completely.

ETA: Even if it's established relationship, as a reader, I still need to be convinced it's awesome. )
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A while back I started writing a story about Gen taking the kids and driving off - as it turned out, to hunt a wendigo -
and writing her made me love her all that more
(which btw, if you feel like sending some comfort and love her way, might be good, this can't be easy for her, and she just keeps getting so many 'take care of Jared' messages)

but anyway - for me, writing someone, or even just some kink - will often make me feel that is is 'mine' somehow - under my protection, such as it is, something I care about at least a bit.

So some time back I filled this prompt about Dean delighting in eating things you shouldn't eat.
I put a lot of love into writing that and coming up with ideas for it, though I probably missed the mark kinkwise, cause I don't exactly understand (I'd like to) -
(and I know there could be more emotional depth to it)

but I did care a lot about it,

so when I came across this, I got excited:

(also, it is just cool. And makes me worried. Don't try this unsafely please....)
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nce and for all: authors/writers who brag that they write "for the characters", not for the fans, aren't doing something noble and artistic. Not by saying that. Saying that in based on the assumption that fans ' interpretations of characters are shallow and 'mistaken' and that that is not ok. Both assumptions are incredibly condescending, especially from some writers, who write OOC and don't seem to know or love the characters as much as many fan writers do. ok, I have spoken. And now I will probably regret it.
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One of my favorite things about Jensen - or the way he seem to be etc - is one I very rarely find in fic.

I get the sense that Jensen considers it his responsibility to be there and to help people he loves. Perhaps not everyone, perhaps not in every - but I get the sense he's there for people. And for the longer run, too. If a friend were going through something, Jensen would care, would take it into account, would be supportive. If only in phone calls - in keeping that person in his thoughts. Even if Jensen weren't feeling all that stable himself, he'd want to be stable for a loved one. Not necessarily in one glorious action - just being there for the person, in subtle ways....

I wonder how come this is so rarely a point in fic - have I been reading the wrong fic?

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As [ profile] balder12 pointed out convincingly, this is a fun challenge - basically, over your fic to be remixed, and if you feel like it, remix other participant's fic. Fun, easy, slashy, supernaturally (though other fandoms as well)! Go do it! It's my first time, you're likely to seem very savvy around me.

ETA: This forced me to actually update my master fic list. That is a thing that happened, IRL. Wow.
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Snagged from [ profile] balder12

I haven't finished and posted that much fic, so perhaps I'll answer about writing in general, if I don't have a good enough fic answer.

Put a number in the comments and I’ll answer accordingly. The mission for those of us who answer the questions, should we accept it, is to stay positive about our writing and ourselves, but to also be fair about our shortcomings.

1. Of the fic you’ve written, of which are you most proud?
2. Favorite tense
3. Favorite POV
4. What are some themes you love writing about?
5. What inspires you to write?
6. Thoughts on critique
7. Create a character on the spot... NOW!
8. Is there a character you love writing for the most? The least? Why?
9. A passage from a WIP
10. What are your strengths in writing?
11. What are your weaknesses in writing?
12. Anything else that you want to know... (otherwise known as Fill in the Blank)
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The way Danneel is sometimes written - the most doormatty fag hag, her needs don't even merit a mention - sometimes makes me glad she gets Jensen IRL*.

*Ugh, I gotta say "pretty sure" about the normative relationship thing. Cause, yeah, pretty sure is about the right about of sure IMO.
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Seriously, had I read my life in fic I'd have had trouble with suspension of disbelief. Those twists and silly setbacks are so obviously only there as a plot device! Nobody's life's like that!

And on that note - how did Chuck sell a single book?! Oh, right, wait - Winchesters.
Some things are more important than plausibility.
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You know, I learn so much from slash about sex, and related issues. It's really great. It seriously improved my life, and sent me exploring such wonderful and interesting places. I love it. It should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but still, plenty of good information and ideas there.

But I wish there were more fic about people who have less normative bodies. Trans bodies, all sorts of crip bodies. Fat bodies, preferably not only as a "fat can be pretty too" message, though that's a good one as well, and I have written that sort of fic myself, too.

Wish there were fic out there, enough fic for me to feel I really did know what I was doing, about things like the way hormones influence sensitivity, prostates, the way people experience desire. Fic that touches on using your weight, if you have it, your crutches, if you have them, and so forth.

I'd like to think about that as run of the mill, the way I think about things that are more common in fic.

It just struck me how *much* I know about cis-able-thin bodies from fic, and how unbelievably little I got to learn about all the different sorts of bodies - the bodies of most people in my life I have and want sex with.

Kinda feel like starting a comment meme for that, but I've never done that, and I hardly know anybody in fandom. Does anybody else wanna host something like that?

As for why it's not more widely written - I know part of the reason it isn't there is that some people don't want to write about something they don't know themselves, and I agree, that's problematic. But it's not as if we don't research sex for fic, or only write about our own experiences. And part of it is because the bodies we get to see in canon are so very normative, almost all the time. But fandom has been changing that, in so many wonderful ways.


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